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Combining path-breaking research and analysis from leading political scientists, advisors to heads of state, and award-winning academics, Warlords, Inc. pulls back the curtain on the secretive world of drug cartels and violent insurgencies, revealing their inner workings and implications for a world driven by unrelenting change and growing political uncertainty. These essays show how, as the complexities of modern geopolitical pressures mount, the world's elaborate but fragile political systems are becoming increasingly vulnerable to breakdown and deliberate disruption. The authors demonstrate that as infrastructures such as IT networks, global supply chains, and financial markets become increasingly volatile, the stability of entire populations hangs in the balance.             Warlords, Inc. traces the evolution of forces that are reshaping the future of the geopolitical landscape:  Mexican drug cartels, revolts in the Middle East and Africa, military conflicts in Eastern Europe, the growth of slums and street gangs in India, and the proliferation of cyber-attacks and drone warfare. The contributors demonstrate how the underworld of the global economy thrives, how it disrupts and maintains power, and why, looking toward the future, we should all be paying attention. CONTENTS1. Of Warlords and Rodeos: What Happens When Nothing Works?2. Social and Economic Collapse: Lessons from History and Complexity3. Innovation, Deviation and Development: Warlords and Proto-State Provision4. Sovereignty, Criminal Insurgency, & Drug Cartels: The Rise of a Post-State Society5. From Patronage Politics to Predatory States:Crime and Governance in Africa6. Warlord Governance: Transition Towards, or Coexistence with, the State?7. 5GW: Into the Heart of Darkness8. Weaponizing Capitalism: The Naxals of India9. Mexico's Criminal Organizations: Weakness in Their Complexity, Strength in Their Evolution 10. The Politics of a Post-Climate-Change World: Pyongyang, Puntland, or Portland?11. Bringing the End of War to the Global Badlands12. The White Hats: A Multitude of Citizens13. Beyond Survival: A Short Course in Pioneering Responses to Present (and Future) Crises

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May 12, 2015





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